Welcome to the official Red Beard Panda's resources page! Here is where you can find everything we want to share with you, be it CAD, or some impressive videos of our robots!

Want to start a team?

Our parent organization, the New River Robotics Association, loves starting new teams, especially in Southwest Virginia! For more information about how to start an FLL or FTC and an application for a New River Robotics Association grant for new teams can be found here:

Team work:

Our Head Coach makes us do all sorts of team work challenges that involve teamwork, good communication, and most importantly, thinking way outside the box! For a list of these fun teamwork challenges, check out The Captain's Journal!

We have made quite a few robots. Here is some  cool information about our former robots!

We have developed some unique pieces using CAD. Here are some that we want to share with you!

Check out our other CAD projects on GrabCAD as we make them:

We have made a battery tester that you can build yourself! Here is a link to the page for an instructional guide

Notebook and Portfolios:

To qualify for judged awards and to document our goals, progress, and lessons learned as a team, we make sure to fully utilize our engineering portfolios and notebooks! Feel free to take a look:

Engineering Notebook Draft


Copy of Engineering Notebook Final Draft 2020-2021


FinalRBPs 2021-2022 Portfolio (1).pdf

2021-2022 Version 2

Engineering Portfolio_2022_V3 (1).pdf

2022-2023 Version 3