Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What days do you meet and for how many hours?

A: We meet once a week for three hours on Fridays. This is likely to change as the season starts.

Q: What is FTC?

A: First Tech Challenge (FTC) is a Robotics Competition that uses the principles of STEM and gracious professionalism. For more information, refer to this page

Q: How can we find more about your team?

A: During the summer, there is an activity called Panda Pals where kids in Middle and High school can come once a week and learn STEM, Robotics, and programming. If you're interested in joining the team, showing up, working hard, and working well as a Panda Pal is a great way to get you invited to the team.

Q: How do you become a sponsor?

A:  We are always looking for new sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us, or look at our sponsor page.

Q: What is the New River Robotics Association? 

A: The New River Robotics Association (NRRA) is a non-profit organization to help fund First Teams in the area.

Q: How much does the robot cost and how many hours do you spend to build it?

A: Our typical robot takes two to three months to build and costs about five thousand dollars in parts.

Q: How do you create a new first team?

A: We are so excited that you are interested in making a new team! There are numerous guides out there, so here is a link to ours! 

Q: Hey, weren't you guys the Tuxedo Pandas?

A: Yes, we used to be Tuxedo Pandas, but we've changed coaches and changed places. We're still the same fun-loving pandas that everybody knows and loves!